Does the ShredRack have TÜV?

The modules themselves can not obtain the Safety Certification (“GS” issued by, for example, the TÜV).

But – the tension belts “JawStrap” were tested up to 250 daN by the TÜV and are certified with a breaking load of 750 KG (1653 lbs).

A Vehicle Type Approval (ABE) per the German traffic code (§ 19 StVO) is not necessary, as the ShredRacks are not fastened to the car with screws, but are fixed to it with the tension belts.

According to the German traffic code (§22 StVO), the driver is responsible to fix the load in a way, that an emergency stop or a sudden evasive movement can’t make the load shift, roll or fall off the vehicle!

ShredRack GmbH is not responsible for damage caused by inappropriate and improper use.

How fast can I go, when I have the ShredRack on my roof?

The approved speed is 120 km/h (74.5 mph).

All tension belts should be tied down and the excess stowed away in the designated pockets. If there is rattling or vibrating noises, the tension belts have to be retightened by all means. In general, it is recommended to pull over after a short drive at high speed and check the load as well as the tension of the tension belts and, if necessary, retighten the tension belts.

ShredRack is losing air, what's happening here?

The first thing that needs to be checked is, if the airchannel on the filling tube is folded in properly, so the airflow is blocked. To achieve this, the Velcro® surfaces have to lay on top of each other properly.

In case of perforation by a sharp or pointed item, the TPU inner tube has to be repaired with the right repair kit.

When using the ShredRack in areas with highly fluctuating temperatures (for example going to the ski resort in the morning at -10° and daytime temperature +15°), the air in the racks will expand or contract. The pressure should be checked before departure.

Can the ShredRack burst in full sun exposure?

While the air inside the ShredRack expands under sun exposure and it may feel extremely firm, the roll-in closure mechanism ensures enough room for air.
The ShredRack can not burst due to too much pressure.

Only the outside sleeve can be damaged under ongoing, long term sun exposure. ShredRack is not recommended for continuous operation.
The textile as well as the tension straps should be checked for deterioration and signs of wear and tear, regularly.

How much weight can the ShredRack bear?

The ShredRack itself can carry 120 KG (264.5 lbs) per module (so a total of 240 kg / 529 lbs). But – keep in mind the permitted maximum roof load of your car! Modern cars often have a thin roof, which is why it is recommended to install the ShredRack to the sides, or alternatively, at the fortified beams or carriers!

Can I scratch my roof by using the ShredRack?

In dry and clean air there will be no scratches, as long as the ShredRack is installed properly. In dusty and dirty areas you will find relieve with a protective rock chip foil.

How is the ShredRack inflated? Do I need a pump?

Because of the patented filling mechanism, you won’t need a separate pump.

You should check the “How to” video, if you have more questions about this.

How long does it take to install the ShredRack?

Inflating it takes about 2 minutes, after practicing for a few times. If you put your load on there at the same time as you install the ShredRack, it will take another 3 minutes, roughly.

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