No speedlimit – with the kite in Norway

Norway, the country with a “New Zealand-Scenery”, tempts many freeriders. There you will find the perfect conditions with untouched powder – even in summer. That’s why the four adventurous freeriders Sebastian Bubmann, Tobias Deckert, Philip Kuchlmeister and Maxi Kühnhauser had worked out a monster project this summer.

Freeriding in Norway

WITHOUT struggling up the mountain

Having kitesurfed for several years, they wanted to upshift this summer. That means pulling yourself up the mountain with a kite, past walking tourers, pack the kite up again at the summit and either enjoy the first line or unpack the speedrider and fly back down. That’s the dream of every powder lover.

Right at the start however, they were a bit unlucky. At their first stop near Trømso they had to spend a few days in the rain, waiting in their vacation house. Checking out the terrain was unfortunately not possible due to the heavy rain-snow-mixture and the resulting avalanches.

Philip Kuchlmeister, Tobi Deckert, Sebastian Bubmann & Maxi Kühnhauser
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Luckily, the weather in the small fishing village of Koppangen soon brightened up and the four were able to climb the first glacier. After a small boat tour they had to start looking for a suitable place for the base camp – with all their luggage. Normally, the 8 km long and 1500 meters high stretch would have been manageable, but with all the sports equipment on the back, it seemed to stretch indefinitely for the boys – especially because the wind came from the wrong direction!

Philip Kuchlmeister, Tobi Deckert & Maxi Kühnhauser

On a larger plateau, surrounded by several crevasses, the four adventurers were able to settle comfortably in their base camp. With all the tricks of the trade, they dug a snow cave 3m deep into the snow. Unfortunately, i turned out in the coming days, that they had to use their new igloo more often than expected, as never-ending snowstorms crossed their plans again. After only one successful summit in the total white-out they were forced to return. The following 6-hour stay in the jacuzzi was more than earned and also motivated them to try their luck again – this time in the Lofoten.

So they drove more than 400km to the Lofoten, with their loaded car. Weeks before the trip, they had weighed the equipment, transferred it to excel spreadsheets, pushed it around, calculated and planned it the best way possible, to really take only the bare necessities. It was clear that all this would only be possible if they set up a base camp on a glacier, from where they could reach as many spots as possible. Thanks to the ShredRack, despite four people and more than 200kg of luggage, they had it comfortable, because the bulky parts had easily been fixed to the roof. The info box to the right gives you some travel tips for your own adventures. The exact route of the four kiters, can be found at the end of the article with the locations of the glaciers.

Travel tips

In order to have just the right things and not to pack too much luggage in your car, the four athletes gave us some tips for your next trip:

  • Roll in your clothes instead of folding them
  • Use compression straps to pack your things even more space-saving
  • Think about how many t-shirts and pants you really need
    (Is there a laundry option on site?)
  • Follow the onion principle and take several jackets of different thickness with you, in order to wear multiple layers

Always remember, everything you have with you will have to be carried on your back once you’re on the move. If you decide to spend the majority of your time in a village, it may not be so essential to limit yourself to the bare necessities. If you also have the ShredRack with you, you do not have to worry about too much luggage anyway.

Always take these items:

  • First aid kit
  • headlamp
  • Charger & Power Bank
  • ShredRack
  • Drinking bottle or system
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Finally, the weather also played along and they could start the full program. Instead of struggling to climb the slope, they simply unpacked their Flysurfer kites and flew up the 1300-1800 vertical meters in a record time of only 10-15 minutes. With these breathtaking views, time seemed to stand still. The short and dark nights gave the four extreme athletes a “never-ending” sunset mood on several consecutive peaks. Finally, they were able to use their equipment to the fullest and, thanks to the good team play, they could easily switch between their “toys” and enjoy their adventure – even in difficult terrain.



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