Inflatable Car Roof Rack ShredRack Air Set


Scope of delivery: Set of 2 pcs (incl. Bladder with integrated pump mechanism)

Weight: 1 Kg

Packing size: size of a Handball

Length & Diameter: 100 cm x 15 cm

Recommended weight and velocity: 50 Kg – 120 Km/h

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  • WHY a ShredRack? Known from several German TV-Shows about new inventions, our Racks provide a lot of advantages compared to normal Roof Racks: Time saving due to fast mounting without tools on almost any car type! No certifaction needed as it is straped with our according tension belts! Furthermore a lot of costs can be saved due to the smaller rental car in your holiday. The small packing size (like a handball) provides extra space during your travel.
  • WHAT IS INSIDE: Only 1 kg of Premium Ripstop- and special TPU-material made in Germany is the modular product concept suitable for any kind of gear like skis, snowbaords, surfboards, kiteboards, furniture, or any other bulky gear! Quite frequently our racks are being used as travel pillows or air mattrasses aswell.
  • SUITABLE FOR: almost any car type or rental car. No Roof railing is required. 3,4, or 5-door is possible. No matter if Mercedes, Opel, Ford, VW, BMW, Nissan or other Car brands. Due to the small packing size the ShredRack is the perfect permanent companion between first-aid-kit and warning triangle. Always accessible in case you need it.
  • TECHNICAL DATA: Length: 100cm, Diameter: 15cm, recommended maximum speed  120 Km/h (The driver is always responsible). The required air pressure is easily reachable with the integrated pump.
  • Scope of delivery and quality: A pair of  2 without tensions belts (they can be purchased as an own article). Patented and approved concept made in Germany with high class workmanship and materials also assambled in workshops for disabled people.

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