ShredRack tension belt set of 2 JawStrap – PES black

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  • PERFECT PROTECTION: no scratches on your car finish due to the high quality workmanship and covered clam cleat. An additional layer of neoprene covers up the buckle. Tested according toDIN EN 12195-2 up to 250Kg (with a max. break load of 950 Kg), useful for professional applications. The webbing consists of robust and high quality polyester (PES).
  • EASY TO USE: No squeezing of fingers. The 45° cut edge can be run through the buckle with ease. One-handed tension is as practical as the release through the push button at the top of the strong metal buckle.
  • OPTIMALLY STORED: Due to the velcro neoprene cover, the webbing can be locked away (also the left over during the application). All packed together into a mesh bag the webbing does not suffer moisture and is able to dry by itself.
  • Available as 2 pcs with a length of 2m or 3m
  • No annoying wiggling of the left over webbings in the wind. They can be practically stored in the neoprene bag as well.

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The idea for the JAWSTRAPs and their subsequent development took place exclusively in Germany. It is very important to us that the production goes according to the highest standards.

packed in a set of 2 pcs:

Color: black

Length: 2m or 3m

Technical data:

  • Width of webbing: 25mm
  • Material of webbing: PES (Polyester)
  • Color: black
  • Buckle: Clam cleat out of metal (ca. 50g) covered with an extra protection layer of synthetics , (maximum breaking load of the buckle 900 Kg)
  • breaking load: max. 500 kg hooping / 250 kg straight tearing (certified according to DIN EN 12195-2) tear strength 950 KG

Example use cases…

Transportation of premium gear that needs to be protected, no matter if used in hobby or professional circumstances:

Motor bike, bike, boat, kayak, surfboard, furnitures or any other gear.


2x 2m, 2x 3m


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