ShredRack is launching their new high quality lashing strap “JawStrap”

Who has never had these problems?!

You are on the move or at home and need something to transport or fix your gear fast and easy. Often, simple straps or expanders are used, but these have many disadvantages. On the one hand, they are often of inferior quality and you always have to be afraid that they will break – on the other hand, their corners and edges are usually so sharp, that you quickly get scratches in your stuff.

That's why ShredRack has developed the JawStrapS

At the beginning it was the main aim to develop a webbing that offers the perfect features to quickly and easily fix the ShredRack on the car roof – without fear that afterwards the whole car will be full of scratches. Even this annoying noise, when once again loose ends slap against the car, has finally come to an end – the practical neoprene sleeve ensures that the buckle and the protruding ends are quickly and conveniently stowed away and it also provides protection from the metal buckle.

However, over time, the JawStraps have proven to be much more!

Multiple possibilites to use them

Material information

Help for transportation

Even for the most obvious jobs, the JawStraps are ideal because they are super easy to use and always fast to secure thanks to their compact design.

Practical Camping-Accessoire

A must-have on every camping trip! Whether you use the JawStraps to attach a hammock, or to fix the tarpaulins, you should always have the practical straps with you.


Even for daily training, the JawStraps are ideal – with these straps you can complete your training anywhere.

The perfect companion for the ShredRack

They are waterproof, do not slip and hold everything where it should be – in addition, they are also super easy to use. The JawStraps are incredibly resilient and will accompany you for a long time.



PES, short for polyethersulfone, is a high performance plastic that is known for its toughness and stability. This plastic can easily be used at temperatures from -35ºC up to + 200ºC.



TPU, short for Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a high-resistance synthetic material, which is mainly used because of its extreme flexibility, as well as a high wear and abrasion resistance. In addition, this material provides protection against water, cold and extreme heat, so it can be used at temperatures from -35ºC up to + 200ºC.

By the way, the air bladders inside our ShredRacks are also made from this extremely flexible material.


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